5 Underrated MUA

Welp, it's that time of the month again... first time we've ever been excited to say that sentence. Hahahaaa okay but seriously, it's time to feature this months five underrated MUA's.

WANT TO BE FEATURED NEXT? Leave your @ in the comments below so we can check out your page! These will be posted the last Monday of every month with 5 new MUA’s each time.

But right now, let's take time to highlight these five hard working and crazy talented, underrated babes! All of their handles are linked to this page so if you wanna give any of em a follow just click on it!

These are in no particular order, so with that being said, let's just get started shall we?

1. @lizciccone


The blending. The creativity. The talent. Mind blowing right? Her page features so many stunning pictures we STRUGGLED to pick just two so be sure to click her handle to check her page out.


2. @lilmisshaleymarie



Everything about her screams individuality and we are loving it! She is stunning and def one of those where we were stunned to see her following count. Her talent is fast growing, let's get her page to do the same?


3. @poppin101_with_bella



THAT QUALITY. We live for good quality close ups. Everything about her looks and makeup is straight up goals. She is the chunky glitter queen go show her some love for sure!


4. @editdavoodian


How? Is what comes to mind when looking at this babes feed. Her creativity and looks look literally unreal. She is truly unmatched.


5. @glamalana


She is THIRTEEN years old. Like, what?! This girl deserves all the recognition in the world for her pristine and creative looks.


There are so many more so, let us know who we should feature next in the comments below. 

Until next week, Lunar Angel 💜


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