A Night In Check List

Okay ladies (and gents), we have all had a moment where full faces, bars and socializing are not on the menu. Sometimes we have a hectic work week or week in general; all we want is Netflix and wine in the comfort of our own home. A self care night in is such a great way to destress! 


When staying in you want to be sure you grab everything at once that way you won't have to leave your babe cave for the whole night, unless there is an emergency of course. Snacks or a five course meal are essential so you don't become hangry. Don't count the carbs either you deserve this baby 👏


For myself, I don't have a TV in my room which is quite weird to anyone who steps in my room. So I have to grab the lap top and turn on Netflix. I'm not too sure how your Netflix is set up but whatever you do make sure it's set to your fav. show/movie!


Goodbye jeans and crop tops, HELLO PAJAMAS. What is a relaxing night in without being comfy?


What do we mean by self care? We mean grab your fav. face mask and slap in on your face. Paint your nails or even do a hair mask. Prepare yourself for when you do want to go out! 


This is one thing that has to be on the list. We at Lunar Angel Lashes love our pets, I mean who wouldn't!? So grab your dog, cat or guinea pig and cuddle them to death because nobody will love you more than they will.. family being an acception! Haha. Don't have a pet? Adopt one now!

Well there ya have it babes, a short & simple check list for the perfect night in. Of course not everyone feels the same about Netflix or animals but there is ways around. Grab a book or grab your boyfriend! What does your perfect night in entail? Let us know below!
The Lunar Angel Team 


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