The Best Halloween Music Festivals

What's better than a regular music festival you ask?
A festival held during spooky szn! The season isn't the only thing that makes these fests so great but they give us another reason to dress up on days that aren't exactly Halloween. The even better part is nobody judges you. Nobody judges at regular festivals either that's what makes them so beautiful! 
So ladies and gents grab your costumes because I promise you WILL itch to attend at least one of these fests at the very end of this blog 👻

1. Suwannee Hulaween

This camping music festival has so much to offer. They bring you the spooky vibez for 3-4 days, it's all up to what you want to pay for! Suwannee Hulaween is held Halloween weekend in Live Oak, Fl. For those who don't know Live Oak is located in Northern Florida where camping is a lot more enjoyable. Also, camping for this fest is almost similar to Electric Forest. They have lights through out the grounds, it's absolutely stunning. What's super amazing about this festival is the vast varieties of artists that play. They have rock, indie, electronic and so much more! 

2. Voodoo

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Okay, a music AND arts festival has to be the greatest combination known to man. This fest is also held during Halloween weekend foe three whole days. They have so many activities through out the grounds to enhance your experience such as an amusement ride to the haunted Mortuary. The lineup includes Post Malone, Bring Me The Horizon, Guns N' Roses, PEEKABOO and so many more amazing artists. I don't know about you but I'm already heading to New Orleans, La. to get my spooky on!

Get tickets here:

3. Escape: Psycho Circus

link to homepage of Escape Psycho Circus 2019

You already know I always save the best for last (just kidding.. kinda). Escape is held in San Bernardino, Ca. during Halloween weekend just like Suwannee and Voodoo. The sad part is this fest is only two days long BUT is many genres of edm which makes us here at Lunar Angel Lashes beyond happ. They have FOUR Halloween themed stages. The stage names in 2018 were Slaughterhouse, Ghoul's Graveyard, The Chopping Block and Cannibals' Tea Party. CRAZY SPOOKY! 

Get tickets here:

It's a bit hard to decide which fest to attend being that they are all held Halloween weekend. However, at least there are many ways to spend your Halloween rather than attending a reg. Halloween party.

Plan on attending one of these fests? Let us know which down below!

With lashes and pumpkins,

Aud 🎃



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