7 Steps For The Perfect Falsie Application

While doing a poll, we discovered one of the number one reasons that people don't wear falsies is because application is near impossible for them. GIRL, SAME. Not all of us started out as lash pros, everyone has to start somewhere. 

So today, we are here to give you that starting point and tell you how to apply your lashes and what mistakes to avoid! After you read this, be sure to check out our Falsies Tips and Tricks post for more help.

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Now, let's start talking falsies, shall we? 


Step1: Curl Those Lashes!

If you were blessed with naturally curly lashes feel free to keep on scrolling while the rest of us continue reading in envy. For most of us, this step is a must! Curling your lashes will help to blend the falsie with your natural lashes and help you to avoid looking crazy.

Step 2: Mascara Is Your New BFF

This is another great way to prep for your falsies and help them look more natural. Having your natural lashes curled and coated with a layer of mascara will make the application that much easier.


Step 3: Measure & Trim 'Em

Chances are, the band is too long for your eye, lashes are definitely not a one size fits all so go ahead and grab you some scissors! Now the question is, how much do you cut off?

Start by holding the band up against your lash line with the inner corner in place where you want it and try to eye how much needs to be taken off! Try to start out cutting little by little because if you cut too much off then BAM just like that, you ruined the lash! A huge tip here is to NEVER cut from the inner side of the lash band. Always cut from the outer side.

Step 4: Glue Time!

Take your favorite lash glue and apply a *light* layer along the lash band while holding onto the lash with your fingers or a pair of tweezers. (stay tuned for next monday's post to hear all our tips about lash glue and our fav brands)

Give it some time! Never try applying your lashes while the glue is wet. Wait until it feels tacky and then go on in.


Step 5: The Dreaded Application

Now for the part we have all been waiting for! Go ahead and with the lashes tilted up a bit start by placing the inner corner where you want it and then place the rest of the band down. When doing this just look down, don't be squinting your eyes or it'll go downhill real fast!

Remember, the goal here is to get the lash band as close to your natural lash line as possible! If it doesn't look right or didn't stick right, go ahead and try again until you get it, practice is key!

Step 6: Pinch Your Lashes

Now the hard part is over, once your lash is secure and on there, it's smooth sailing from here. To make sure your lashes are blended well together go ahead and pinch the falsie and your natural lash together using tweezers or your fingers.

Step 7: More Mascara!

Last step! Woot woot! All you have to do now is the final touches! Just pop some more mascara on to blend the lashes and voila you are now a lash boss!


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We will see you next monday Lunar Angel <3



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