Lippies You Need This Fall!

Are you someone who cares about what lip color to wear depending on the season?
Do you struggle deciding what lip colors to wear during the fall season?
What if I told you I know exactly which lippies you NEED?
That's right babies I have the solutions to ALL your problems.. well I'm not exactly a therapist or life coach so not all but some of your problems haha. I know you
want to add these lippies to your collection so keep on scrolling baby!

1. Kylie Cosmetics Leo Lip Kit 


This lippie is a must with its deep burgundy shade and pairs well with a more simple eye look. We suggest top liner and Lunar Angel Lashes  "Oblivion"!


2. Stila Cosmetics Caramello


This lippie is a neutral type of nude. Nude lips are perfect for anytime of year but this one specifically is meant for when that brisk air is flowing! We suggest this pairs well with a dramatic glam look and lash "Haze"!


3. ABH Dusty Rose


This list of lipsticks is 83% nude shades.. sorry not sorry! This lippie is a dusty nude shade, so it has a pinkish tint to it. It pairs well with a semi-dramatic look, simple look or anything in between!


4. Kylie Cosmetics Pumpkin Lip Kit 


It is a tad bit ironic how this matte lippie made it to the list.. pumpkin... fall... ya get it? Haha. At some point during the season it's a must to wear a toned down orange!


There are a million perfect fall lippies out there consisting of warm and cool shades however, these are the four most perfect shades! You have a range of pink, burgundy, orange and just plain nude. The plus side is it's never too early to bring out these shades!

What are your go to lippies during the fall season?


With love and lashes,

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