Mascara VS. Falsies

This is the fight we have all been waiting for.. MASCARA VS. FALSIES. We have our money on falsies of course!
Just kidding, this is not a blog on mascara being knocked out by falsies. This is a blog about how the two differentiate, sadly, we all wanted to see that fight though. We are not here to completely drag mascara because before we started using falsies, lets be honest, we only used mascara. Also, mascara is BOMB for bottom lashes if you are not a fan of falsies in that area. There are two major points we wanted to focus on for this blog; with that being said lets get this party started!


When it comes to applying mascara sometimes it gets all over the eye lid unless you do one of those hacks to avoid this. You also need coat after coat until you are satisfied with the look. On the other hand, false lashes only need some glue, a few seconds of dry time and BAM. Mascara does not always apply the same; when I choose mascara (once in a blue moon) it either wants to work or does not want to work for my lashes. Does anybody else feel this way? Back to false lashes, they will always apply the same and look the same unless you accidentally sleep with them and they become disformed. How does one accidentally fall asleep with lashes you ask? Lets talk to the whiskey in my liquor cabinet about that one HAHA. 

Pay off

Have you ever watched a mascara commercial and payed attention to detail? Well us at Lunar Angel Lashes have and HUN-E we just can't deal. These commercials promise thicker longer lashes but sometimes the pay off does not show, again, unless you apply a million coats. It can be confusing as to how in certain ads models do have longer, thicker and fuller lashes but it is a little obvious that they use false lashes. Let that sink in! False lashes give instant pay off of course. It is a lot more easy to achieve the thicker, fuller lashes you want with falsies as well! 

In all, mascara is not terrible. She has a ton of pros such as shes great those lighter makeup days and bottom lashes. For us, a look is more complete with a set of falsies. Looks like we all know who won this battle!

Are you a falsie queen or mascara fanatic? Per usual drop a comment letting us know!

Until next Monday babies; much love for you all 


  • I love mascara but honestly, ever since I fell in love w falsies, mascara has only been used on my bottom lashes and to make em falsies look cuter and more natural together <3

  • I LOVE WEARING MASCARA!! Sometimes you just need a day off from lashes and just throw on some bomb mascara and go about your day!! My first ever makeup product I have ever brought was mascara too! Mascara are a must, with or without lashes!! Of course mascara doesn’t give a huge dramatic difference like lashes, but mascara needs love too just as much as lashes does!

    Zui Hernandez
  • I love Mascara and honestly it never comes out the way you want so my falsies because you don’t have to Crimp them to look good and you can take them right off when you want. @petunias_luv

    Patricia Lichtenberger

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