Our No Makeup-Makeup Look

We all have those days where were in a rush or down right lazy. Sometimes it is even too hot for a full face of makeup! WELCOME TO SUMMER; unless you live in Florida it's summer year round ☀️ Anyhow, this where the trend of no makeup-makeup comes in CLUTCH. If you're curious on how to achieve this look, then girl sit back, grab your wine (or coffee) and keep on reading. 


For this look how your skin appears is critical (just kidding.. okay, maybe). BUT for a natural look you do want that natural glowy look. So, to prep your face you want to start with your fav hydrating face mask. Following the mask, is primer! Primer will help create that even base. We would suggest using a primer that will help you achieve the kind of look you're going for (illuminating or not) while satisfying your skin type. If you already have that perfect skin then YOU ARE ONE LUCKY SON OF A ... just skip this step.


This is totally based on preference. Some of us choose no foundation BUT in this case we will include it for all the babies that can't live without! Since this is a "no makeup" illusion stray away from those full coverage foundations. We suggest a foundation with a more shear, light coverage. 

Typically we would stop at foundation for skin coverage however, if this is not enough coverage for you follow up with a light coverage concealer. Use only on areas where you have blemishes you want to hide! 

We recommend blending these in with a beauty sponge, as the sponge keeps the natural dewy look and blends flawlessly!


Just because this is a no makeup look does not mean you can't enhance those features. Plus, there are NO RULES when it comes to makeup. When doing this we suggest using cream contour/bronzer and blush if you're into that kind of thing 😉 Again, use the beauty sponge to make a seamless blend! 

If you're someone who stays away from creams or dewy looks feel free to use powder! Use minimal amounts of powder to keep the natural flow going.

Step 4: BROWS

We fill our brows in for our no makeup makeup cuz honey, who would we be if we didn't? If this is you, go grab your fav brow products and get to work 👏 Our only suggestion is to aim for a naturally filled brow. You can achieve this with minimal product and filling in your brow ever so lightly. Also, skip carving your brows and stick to your natural shape as much as possible!

If you would prefer to not fill in brows there always the option of fluffing them up! All you need is a spooly and brush away.

Step 4: LIPS

We find this step so fun because lip options are so endless! You can use a gloss, a lip tint, a plain plumper or combo. If going for a lip tint we suggest a red/pinkish tint, if going for a gloss we suggest clear or nude gloss. However, we prefer a plumper combo (with large fries)! We start by exfoliating the lips then adding a plumper; this enhances the plumped effect x2. 

Step 5: LASHES

OKAY, call us what you want *cough cough biased* but we will wear lashes any day, all day and every. damn. day. There is no such thing as one type of no makeup makeup look. Your looks are what you make it and LASHES make ours ❤️ We have one style dedicated to our less makeup days; her name is "Celestial". She is the most perfect wispy no makeup lash and the icing on the cake!

You can simply purchase "Celestial" by clicking on the photo below!

Well there ya have it Lunar Angels our version of a no makeup-makeup look. We hope you enjoyed and as always share your thoughts below in the comments!

With love,

Lunar Angel Team ✨

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