Trendy Festy Clothing Stores

So technically speaking you can buy clothing anywhere and be super creative with it making it festy. However, not everyone has the time or skill to do so. If you do BRAVO! Seriously I applaud you because one time I tried making my festy outfits and... you know what lets save that story for another time haha. All I know is the festival community is blessed to have these trendy festy clothing stores providing us with the latest, most unique festy fashion!

1. iHeartRaves

iHeartRaves logo

iHeartRaves is, if not the biggest, one of the biggest rave clothing stores known to the community. They sell all things to satisfy your festy outfit; aside from clothing/shoes they also sell beauty items, accessories and light toys! They sell brands along side their brand like J. Valentine and Lunautics. I personally buy a lot pieces of my rave outfits from them and I have to say the quality is amazing for the price. This store also has a blog attached to their site keeping their customers up to date with festival lineups, check lists, festival tips and so much more! 

2. Dolls Kill

Related image

Dolls Kill is just a wow clothing store all together. They are edgy with a twist of sexy. My favorite thing is that their clothing is not just for festivals but they have a lot you can wear for every day as well if you're daring! They to sell beauty items and accessories to complete a festy look or every day look. Dolls Kill is more on the pricier side however, every piece is unique and not so usual!

3. Rave Wonderland 

Rave Wonderland


Hands down, Rave Wonderland is amazing for not only having an online store but having a physical location in Los Angeles CA. It is on the opposite side of the country from Lunar Angel Lashes but we promise to make a visit one day haha! Rave Wonderland is a brand that is coming up so fast, it's incredible. They are very similar to iHeartRaves. Both have a mens and womens section, sell beauty products, accessories etc. 


There you have it babies, three amazing festival clothing stores to start your festy closet! Of course there are a ton of rave/festival clothing stores out there; you are far from limited in this area of festivals. You will always have something new to wear! 

With love,

Aud 💜



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