All Things Falsies FAQ

Hey babes! Welcome back to our weekly blog posts, we are so happy to have you! Today we are answering all of your frequently asked questions on not only our lashes but all things falsies in general!

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So for most of us application is the MAIN struggle. If you want the deets on that check out our post on "How To Get The Perfect Falsie Application"

For this post we will zero in on more detailed questions, let's dive into it!

How Do I Remove Lashes From The Packaging?

Gently grab the end of the lash band with your fingers or tweezers and pull them babies out. Be sure not to ever pull them by the hairs as all false lashes are delicate so handling them by the band is always best.


How Do I Remove The Glue After Using Them?

Pull off the glue gently with either your fingers or tweezers until it is all off. For a more in depth tutorial on cleaning your lashes, check out our blog post on "How To Properly Clean Your Falsies"


How Many Times Can I Wear One Pair?

You ready for this? With proper cleaning and care our lashes can be worn up to 20 times!. Yup you read that right.

How Much Is International Shipping?

For shipping out of the US we charge only $10.99 USD!


Which Lashes Are Right For My Eye Shape?

We also have a blog post for exactly this topic including which of our lashes would fit your eye shape best. Go check out "Picking The Perfect Falsie For Your Eye Shape"


How Much Is Shipping Within The US?

For shipping within the US, we charge only $3.99 USD!


What Are Your Lashes Made Of?

Our lashes are made of real mink hairs.


Was there a question we didn't answer? Ask us down below in the comments!

We hope this was helpful to you!



Until next week,

The Lunar Angel Team



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