The Falsie Guide: Tips & Tricks

It is your first time applying falsies. You spend 30 minutes trying to get the lashes on just right and when you finally get them on.... the inner corner won't stick... UGH! How many of you can relate to the falsie frustration?

It is no secret that the falsie journey can be a difficult one. But, it doesn't have to be. In this post we are here to provide you with tips and tricks to save you some headaches and some $ because there is nothing worse than investing on lashes and not being able to put them on! Am I right?!

1. Trim Those Lashes Honey

Lashes are for sure not a one size fits all and chances are, you will have to trim them to fit your eye. Be sure to be super careful when doing this because if you cut too much off, there is no turning back.

Tip: Hold them up to your eyes first to see how much needs to be cut off and start by cutting off a little at a time.

Another mistake a lot of people make is cutting the wrong side! Most lashes are made to have the inner corner lashes a little short than the outer ones. So, it is best to cut from the outside of the lash so you don't take away from the fanning effect of the lash.

Trick: While we do reccommend cutting from the outer side of the lash, don't forget to trim off the piece of banding on the inner corner to stop it from poking your eye! (just try not to cut the actual lashes off while doing this)


2. Bend Them To Fit

As we said before, every lash isn't one size fits all and everyone has different eye shapes. To help make the lash band more flexible hold the lash by both ends and move either side, to curve the lash band. This will loosen it up and make application much easier!

Tip: Lashes are super delicate so be sure to be gentle when handling falsies.

3. Curl Your Lashes

Let's be clear; your natural lashes! Curling your natural lashes is totally optional and is more for those who have straighter lashes. Curling your lashes can help you out with blending your natural lashes in with the false ones once you get them on.


4. About The Glue

Okay, so we have a few helpful tips for lash glue and if you want a super in depth post about lash glue we have that! Go check out A Clue About Glue  for more glue tips and our recommended lash glue. First, let's start with the basic question of: where to put the glue? You want to put the glue on the inner part of the band. Below we have a picture showing you on one of our lashes in the style "Sky Gazer".

Tip: Wait until the glue gets tacky before popping your lashes on.

5. To Mascara Or To Not Mascara?

Okay so there is no question about whether or not to apply mascara AFTER applying your lashes, but what about before? We know that when you put mascara on after applying falsies it helps to blend your natural lashes with the false ones. But it might be easier for beginners to skip mascara before applying falsies. Laying down lashes can be much easier on lashes that have nothing on them than thick lashes coated in a layer of mascara- light or not. This, of course, is totally a personal preference but rules are made to be broken so why not break this one if it is easier?

Tip: If you do decide to apply mascara prior to applying your falsies, make sure it is a very light layer.


And there it is! Scroll down and leave us a comment letting us know if this was helpful to you. 

Until next week, Lunar Angels.




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